Justice League Vs. Warner Bros.?

As Anticipation Mounts For The Upcomming DC Team Up, Is The Justice Leagues First Battle With The People Who Own Them?


“The next one’s Batman Vs. Superman”.


“Vs. Wonder Woman”

“Oh, okay”

“Vs. Lex Luthor”


“Vs. Cyborg Vs.Aquaman”

“What the…?”


After the seemingly unstoppable Marvel propelled their most famous team-up to the big screen with Avengers Assemble, everyone’s been waiting for the Warner Bros. owned DC to send forth their own superheroes to stake their claim on the big screen. It’s already been announced that a Justice League film will be released in 2018, but first we’ll have the 2016 follow-up to Man Of Steel – the recently titled Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which, while clearly a prelude to a Justice League film, makes you wonder why a sequel to a character many regard as the original superhero is playing second fiddle in his own sequel. This gripe is just the tip of the iceberg, and we fans are getting a bit antsy about (what we know of) the burgeoning expansion of the DC cinematic universe. Ever since Henry Cavill’s Big Blue Boy Scout demolished half of Metropolis and then snapped General Zod’s neck (like, how very un-Superman!) there has been an almost uncomfortable “what next?”


“What next?” soon became “what the ****?” when the new Batman was announced. Ben Affleck – one-time Kevin Smith stalwart turned J-Lo ex turned Oscar winning director was revealled as the latest Dark Knight in August last year, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s head on the planet imploded when they heard. Everyone had an opinion on “Batfleck” (see what they did there) which was rarely positive, citing his previous superhero experience in the much derided Daredevil, to his string of various other movie flops, to his ridiculously large chin (which, given Batmans attire, I thought was a positive!) It didn’t matter that he’d turned his career around, being recognised as a credible actor and even becoming an award winning director for Argo. No, he could never be Batman. And yes even I was guilty of passing judgement, immediately declaring the title of the Man of Steel follow-up as Superman Vs. Gigli.

Then Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious) was announced as the first ever cinema Wonder Woman, to which people responded with “she’s too thin”.

Then Lex Luthor was announced in the form of Jesse Eisenberg (presumably too much hair?)

And Robin (too…“Robin”?) and Joker (too…..not-Heath-Ledger!) and Cyborg (too…what?) and Aquaman (too Matt Damon!) 


Rumours of Damon’s involvement as Aquaman have since been denied.

It felt like Warner Bros./DC, clearly so envious at Marvels success, were throwing everything they could in to a big pot in sheer panic to try and grab a piece of the superhero cinematic pie. And this is even before a fully fledged Justice League film. I’m sure that the Powers That Be at WB/DC have a plan, but is that to make the audience enjoy their stories, or to simply cash in on the superhero genre that they have only grabbed a small portion of thanks largely to Christopher Nolans version of Batman.

I’m a massive DC fan, and yet I can’t help be impressed by how Marvel have treated each of their properties. With DC, who hold the rights to what many regard as the Holy Trinity of Superheroes – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – I can’t help but want to bury my head in the sands, praying that despite all the apparent odds, other DC characters will finally make a successful transition from page to screen after Batman and Superman.

Maybe that will even include Green Lantern. Maybe! Image

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