Just when I pull my head out of the sands to write, I find others want to put all our heads back in!


It’s been a monumental few days – new Star Wars trailer (if you didn’t get some form of visceral reaction to seeing Harrison Ford standing next to his Wookie…..mine was a slightly muted girlish “EEEEEEEEEEEK”!), new Batman V Superman trailer (which seems to have sent the whole of the internet in to some kind of bipolar-esq meltdown – “That looks awesome”/”That looks crap“. Incidentally, it was AWESOME!), Ed Milliband showed his cahones on live TV (I mean was the guy playing the long game, letting us thinking he’s some claymation type puppet before *BOOM*!) and, of course more important than all of that put together, is THIS:


I had my first novel “Getting Sync’d” (still available in various formats by the way!) published back in 2011. Since that time there has been much procrastinating, rewriting, white chocolate mochas, flapjacks, and random Batman comments to distract me from actually just getting it done. So what gave me the kick? Well, apart from my dear wife who asked politely “When are you going to get that second book done?”, it was this General Election we’re going through right now.

Yes, the 2015 General Election, you know the one. The often tedious, occasionally laughable popularity contest that is less about getting a particular political party in 10 Downing Street and more about keeping one/more out. After not only watching the two live TV debates (which would have been much more interesting if they’d had it as a live action political special of “Celebrity Death Match”) but reading as much as I could on each party, I’m still not sure who I’m going to vote for. I do know who I’m not voting for though.


I won’t go in to a whole tirade against UKIP policies as I think by now you’ll know which side of the fence you sit on. I do just want to point out one fundamental flaw in the party’s 2015 manifesto. It’s a document that says they “Believe in Britain”, and yet within those pages are the words “end multiculturalism”. The most blatant contradictory statement I’ve ever read. What version of Britain are UKIP living in? Did they go there on a diet of Red Bull and magic mushrooms? Multiculturalism is one of the many backbones of the United Kingdom and to simply “end” it would be like forcibly removing a replacement leg from an old lady. Yes, I say replacement because the (and I’m beginning to loathe this word) immigrants were not always here. They chose to settle in our country, to be happy, to make a contribution, and we welcomed them. You’ve doubtless seen the maths – immigrants make more contributions to our national contributions than what they take in benefits. They make up 40% of our NHS. In short, different cultures have had a monumental influence on Britain. Yes, our country is a mess, but surely that’s not down to the different cultures that call this country home but down to the people we trust to organise and run our country. We shouldn’t end multiculturalism, we should embrace it. To do the opposite, to make different cultures feel unwelcome here will only further contribute to the problems we have with our citizens going to Syria and join “so called Islamic State”. Many people feel disenchanted by their treatment in this country. We need to take steps to make them feel welcome, safe in the UK, part of the national community not annoying guests who’ve overstayed their welcome. And most importantly, we should let them keep hold their own cultural heritage.

I’m married to an Indian girl. Well, Geordie Indian. Her parents came to the UK from India and started a family. I’m now a part of that family, I have two kids, half casts if you want to use that term. I would hate for them to lose that connection with their past, with their rich and vibrant Indian culture as well as their historic British one. To simply end multiculturalism would be to deny my children their heritage, and I won’t stand for that. I want them to know who they are and where they came from, and the UK is just one part of that.

I honestly fail to understand why a group of people would want to end such an important part of our society when the world is demanding us to catch up. People have been moving from country to country for decades, taking their bit of culture in to a new one. To end multiculturalism is to bury your head in the sands, denying the existence of the modern world, and be left behind while the rest of the world races ahead.

I’m getting my second book done now because multiculturalism is at the heart of it. “High Heels & White Trainers” is designed as a light hearted rom-com that will navigate a few divides through witty banter. I genuinely hope that its story of tolerance and understanding will still be reflective of Britain after May 7th.

Now bloody hell that was political! I’m supposed to be writing my book and my brain wants to rant about multiculturalism? What the Jeff, eh?! Time to redress the balance. Here, have a youtube cookie.

Because Star Wars. Because Arnold Schwartzenegger. Because…..reasons!